Mysterious Island, part deux

Not to be outdone by Astrium’s pictures mentioned in my aside a few days ago, RapidEye’s in the game, too.  Some of their five imagery satellites have been very busy.  They have released a few pictures of their own of the island that mysteriously rose from the water off of Pakistan’s coast.  The island itself doesn’t […]

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Pictures of the Dragon

Sorry about that last quick post.  I normally don’t monitor launches. But here’s some more information about SpaceX’s Dragon from Yahoo! News.  Remember, this one has the newer engines which a lot of established players (Air Force, Lockheed, etc.) were worried about.  Of course SpaceX did test these as best they could, but the real […]

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Documenting that sinking feeling

Just like the Italian economy, since it’s very founding Venice has always sort of headed in the wrong direction–underwater.  Not that the inhabitants needed any more proof of sinking.  But, according to this article on BusinessInsider, a polar low earth orbiting satellite zipping 319 miles around the Earth called TerraSAR-X, is documenting Venice’s neighborhoods downward trends. […]

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