Leaving Military Space Operations

Of course, I did leave the military some time ago.  And I haven’t looked back.  Mistakes were made during my transition from military space operations to contractor.  Some of those mistakes are what this Clearancejobs.com post is all about.  Just click on the following link to read the post:  “Lost in Military Transition:  Considerations Before […]

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Why Space Matters: GEO Satellite operations, Part 3–Revolution Earth

“Endless Distance, Wildlife and Stars, Blanket the Night…” The last lesson was about Field of View (FOV) and Field of Regard (FOR).  It was intended to help with understanding the next few lessons regarding satellites in geosynchronous orbit (GEO).  All mentions of GEO on this blog, unless otherwise stated, refer to a particular type of […]

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Skybox: Youtube videos from space?

Skybox launched their satellite (with a few others) November 22.  But they are beginning to get sample videos in from their SkySat-1 satellite out to the public.  SkySat-1 is a sun-synchronous Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) polar satellite going around the Earth around 450 Km (280 miles) from Earth’s surface.  Skybox notes this satellite’s expected orbital […]

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NASA Earth Image pictures

Wired just posted these pictures to their site.  These are apparently from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) satellites and International Space Station astronauts.  So you can see images like the one below: Unlike the DigitalGlobe ones, you can only look at these pictures, not vote on which one you like.  But they’re interesting […]

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