DIY Space: Personal Satellite Kits

For this DIY project things are a bit pricey–as in thousands of dollars pricey.  If you’re one of those lucky few who happens to have that kind of money sitting around, then perhaps these two kits are meant for you.  The kits are available online from Interorbital Systems (IOS).  If you buy one or two, the rest […]

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Pictures of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy

One of the problems with the SpaceX booth at the 30th Space Symposium last week is they only displayed their Falcon 9 rocket (and the landing legs were the wrong color–black–instead of the white a real Falcon 9 booster is painted with).  Of course, it’s the only rocket that SpaceX uses so far.  The other problem, by the […]

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Dextre: When Humans Just Won’t Do

It might come as a surprise to some people that Canada has a space agency–the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).  Some Americans might view our northern neighbor’s agency as a NASA-Lite, but that would be very untrue.  It might be even more surprising for people to know the CSA is very active and has provided some critical […]

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Googs in Space?

Google’s maybe getting into space?  This is an interesting TechCrunch article about the possible acquisition of satellite imagery company SkyBox by advertising aggregator Google.  Theoretically, SkyBox is Google’s only target, but TechCrunch does float Planet Labs and RapidEye as possible targets, too.  Except, SkyBox is the ONLY satellite company offering real-time streaming of High Definition video.  Which might […]

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