Follow Santa Around the World!

‘Tis the season for the tracking of Santa Claus with systems designed to track incoming weapons of war. Instead tracking a warhead that would end with a mushroom cloud exterminating a city full of children, good and bad, the NORAD Santa tracker follows the JOE (Jolly Old Elf) as he flies overhead and then drops off presents for […]

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India Did WHAT??!

What if you did something that was awesome, a first for you and your country, and the world just yawned? Can you imagine how irritating that would be? Especially if your accomplishment was nearly as important as certain other accomplishments that occurred weeks earlier? Imagine India being in that awkward position and the something significant they […]

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Another False Step for Mankind?

The Orion capsule was successfully tested last week. For those who don’t know, the Orion is NASA’s future crew capable capsule, which will hopefully be used to explore to the moon and beyond. The capsule was tested on December 5, 2014, lofted into space for a very short time and then reentered the Earth’s atmosphere […]

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More posts coming

Life’s been a little busy, but there will be more posts coming, soon. Especially since in this December Orion is coming up for a test, SpaceX will try to land one moving object onto another somewhat slower moving object, and there’s also New Horizons waking up. I don’t think any of it will be uninteresting. […]

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