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Moving Big Things with, um, Big Things?

It’s been a fairly hectic few weeks with not so much spare time–relatives were visiting. Which is great, but didn’t leave much for posts. For now, I leave you all with another of my Apollo 50th Anniversary Moment posts for the Space Foundation’s Space Watch.

The crawler-transporter is what carried the Apollo Saturn V rockets, and the Space Shuttle–as seen above. Image from NASA.

I know everyone else posted about going to the moon 46 years ago, which is a milestone. And I’ll get there, but the whole idea is to talk about what happened 50 years ago. Which is why I wrote about the NASA crawler-transporter and a potential issue they faced that might have stopped the whole Apollo program.

Here’s a little bit about the crawler-transporters in: Speeding to a Crawl. If you enjoy articles like that, you can dig through some of my other posts about it here, or on the Space Foundation’s Space Watch, which is sent out monthly.