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The New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

There are a few connections, believe it or not, between space and New York’s New Year’s Eve Ball Drop. What are those connections you might ask? I ask you just to go to and read this short article with my attempts to explain.

Sorry about the delay in writing. I was a bit, um, gone for a while. Which is why this post is being re-posted now, instead of on 31 Dec, when posted my article.


New Space Satellites and Data

Another of my posts.  This time it’s a bit about the opportunity for “New Space” companies to not only produce data, but also build up a robust infrastructure to shunt it around.  It might be an opportunity that will grow.  Read it here:  The New Space Data Challenge–An Opportunity for Growth?

Texas Space Jobs Increasing?

My latest article about the movement of New Space companies and their jobs to Texas.  Perhaps there’s a career waiting for you with one of these companies?  They all appear to be hiring.  If you’re curious about which companies are making the move, please read:  Texas Space Jobs Increasing.

NASA Awards Two Space Capsule Contracts

By now, you may have heard about NASA’s awarding of two contracts to two US companies for space capsules.  You haven’t?  Then please go to my post on to read more about it:  Hope for the Space Program:  NASA Awards Two Space Capsule Contracts.

Four New Space Companies Awarded NASA Contracts

Another post of mine about NASA’s announcement last week of their awarding four “new space” companies a few contracts.  Just go there for the details:  New Space Firms Awarded NASA Contracts.