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Mad Spaceball--yes, wings for space flight

Welcome to Spaceball Central!

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About this site

Perhaps you’re interested in space operations but you don’t have time to get the required degrees or training? What about current “new space” news about companies like SpaceX, DigitalGlobe, Skybox, XCOR, and more? Space history? Then this is the site for you!!  Select the “Lessons,””Opinion,” or “Region Focus” links located above the header. Space operations, strategy, orbits, government space mishandling–all of these topics are there for you to enjoy.

This site started out as an experiment. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough to write about.  It turns out I do. Over 400 posts later, the majority of them over 300 words–a few closer to 1000, I’m still writing. I also wrote a few features and posts for Just go here to see some samples of my work for them (click on the links within to go to Those particular articles are not only about space, but my job-hunting experiences, job-seeking tips, and evening explaining the definitions of different classification levels.

about the mad Spaceball

I conduct research and analysis for an organization advocating space. But this is my very own blog that explores space topics I’m interested in. That means the only work influence might be that my writing gets better informed, and occasionally a story I wrote for them there will show up here.

I am an optimist about space and mankind’s future among the stars. I enjoy writing.  I don’t know everything about space, but I’ve had the good luck to be involved a very small part of space operations. I enjoyed working on some very interesting space projects (missiles, satellite remote sensing) for nearly 16 years, first in the United States Air Force and then tests and projects in the Missile Defense Agency (yes, they have satellites! And Lasers!).

I learned things, especially about space operations and systems, in spite of just having a degree in Editorial Journalism. I admit I’m a little bit of an oddity in a field dominated by engineers and scientists. But since I’ve done well in this area, perhaps I’m a genius?

You can decide if you want. Questions, thoughtful comments and critiques are always welcome.  And of course you can always follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to this site through e-mail. The best way to contact me is through this site’s comments and Twitter:  The Mad Spaceball@John__Holst.  There’s also

I’m also on LinkedIn (, Tumblr(, and Google+ (The Mad Spaceball) –all linking to this site.

In case you’re wondering about the name:  I’m mad (crazy) about space, and who doesn’t enjoy Mel Brooks?

Comments, likes, and followers are always welcome!!


3 responses to “Spaceball Central: About the Mad Spaceball

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  2. I like your site! I learned a thing or two.


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