DIY Space: Ardusat

Before I begin the fairly short DIY part, this is just a reminder for those who don’t know, or just plain forgot.  Today is the anniversary of Sputnik I, the first man-made satellite, which was launched into orbit on the top of an R-7 rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome. The R-7 had already been successfully tested as a […]

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Geckos–A Love Tragedy In Space

There’ve been a couple of posts on this site about the Russian scientists’ peculiar space mission involving geckos and flies.  What first looked like a doomed mission became a satellite of hope for the geckos, as the Russian team regained control of the satellite in which the geckos where orbiting. Alas, the gecko love story […]

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Geckos of the Lost Ark

Ruh-row! According to this MSN news post, a Russian satellite containing some mushrooms, lizards and flies might come back to Earth in a hard, fiery, non-survivable way.  The lizards are geckos and the flies are the California favorite:  fruit flies.  The mushrooms are just mushrooms.  All of the creatures are probably oblivious to the unexpected end […]

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