The New Spaceports Are Here

Just my latest post.  This it’s time about the newer spaceports in the US.  Will there be enough business for them?  With high prices, it’s hard to tell.  You can make a better guess after reading:  New Spaceports Readying for New Spaceship Business.

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Flying in a Space Balloon.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post the possibility of using balloons in accomplishing a satellite’s work.  Especially if the work can be done by the balloon more responsively, more effectively, and cheaply.  If all three of those factors are present, then why not?  It just makes sense.  For World View Enterprises’ space balloon efforts, though, just achieving […]

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Space Tourism, the Costly Frontier

In previous articles I’ve talked about cheap small satellites for the general public to buy and even use in orbit.  But what if you want something more?  What if you want to be, if only for a few minutes, an astronaut?  “Space tourism is too expensive!” you say?  Maybe, if you only follow Virgin Galactic’s sub-orbital efforts […]

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