Daily Show Jade Rabbit Commentary

Here’s a little fun for you today.  Jon Stewart talked about China’s Jade Rabbit on 4 February 2014.  For those of you at work, this is definitely NSFW.  But it’s quite funny, and I always wondered about the name Jade Rabbit (yes, yes, i DO understand why the Chinese named it that). Anyway, for your […]

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Space Superiority Doctrine

This is a very interesting opinion piece posted on January 16:  “U.S. in Space: Superiority, Not Dominance,” written by Mr. Travis C. Stalcup for The Diplomat.  I agree with his overall viewpoint about the need for a United States’ space policy.  But I’m not sure I agree with the options he presented.  He believes there are […]

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Jade Rabbit video

For those interested in China’s autonomous lunar rover, the Jade Rabbit (Chang’e 3), I’m sure you’ve seen this video.  But for those who follow this as a kind of “space Kardashian” story, here’s some Jade Rabbit videos: You can see the Jade Rabbit be-boppin’ around on the moon’s surface. Of course, this kind of thing […]

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That’s the moon…with missiles?

Since the December 1st Chinese launch of their rover to the moon, some people are becoming quite creative with China’s intentions with the moon.  The latest gossip, presented in this Daily Mail post, is apparently based on a comment from an “expert” working in the China National Space Program Lunar Exploration Center.  This expert is reportedly […]

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