New Space Satellites and Data

Another of my posts.  This time it’s a bit about the opportunity for “New Space” companies to not only produce data, but also build up a robust infrastructure to shunt it around.  It might be an opportunity that will grow.  Read it here:  The New Space Data Challenge–An Opportunity for Growth?

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Deadly Bubbles of Plasma

Business Insider posted an interesting article last Friday about plasma bubbles and how they affect communications between satellites and devices on Earth.  The post suggests that ionospheric plasma bubbles seem to occur primarily around the Earth’s equator.  The article also gives a short description of what a plasma bubble is–the rising of a low-density plasma through […]

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Why Space Matters: GEO Satellite operations, Part 4–Communicate

“…You gotta reach out – Reach out and touch someone…” The last lesson showed how a geosynchronous (GEO) satellite can essentially “hover” over a particular area of the Earth.  Almost as if a physical rigid connection keeps them moving together.  This is because the GEO satellite’s orbit matches the speed of the Earth’s rotation, giving […]

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