The Satellite “Brown Note”

The DailyMail posted this article about the European Space Agency’s (ESA) use of sound in satellite development.  The ESA likes to use satellites that can withstand the rigors of a rocket launch.  One of those rigors is the loud, vibration-prone environment a satellite payload sits in during a rocket launch.  Like the Mythbusters test to […]

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That’s the moon…with missiles?

Since the December 1st Chinese launch of their rover to the moon, some people are becoming quite creative with China’s intentions with the moon.  The latest gossip, presented in this Daily Mail post, is apparently based on a comment from an “expert” working in the China National Space Program Lunar Exploration Center.  This expert is reportedly […]

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Space cloud mystery answered

Remember that picture an International Space Station astronaut shot of a mysterious cloud in space I posted about on 11 Oct.?  There was a bit of guessing on what exactly that was, but it turns out all guesses were correct, for the most part.  A mobile Russian intercontinental  ballistic missile, the Topol/SS-25, caused the cloud […]

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