April 26, 2019: Weekly Spatial Resolutions

A Cremated Cat Will Be ‘Buried’ in Space for the First Time A mere $5000 is what it takes to send very little of a loved one, whether human or pet, to orbit. Depending on your state, this may actually be cheaper than normal terrestrial means of memorializing your loved ones. Lawmakers spar big-time on […]

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Nerd Warriors in Space

 This site contains my opinions and ideas only, not the opinions or ideas of any organization I work for. It’s my idea playground, and I’m inviting you in. Welcome! When I was very, very young I remember watching a particular movie. In it, the protagonists were misfits, non-athletic, good with computers, had social problems, bad […]

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“Space War” History

Scientific American put out an article a few weeks ago about the first advertised use of Global Positioning satellites during the Persian Gulf War. At least it’s the first time a type of space infrastructure was used aside from satellite communications and satellite imagery. We were pretty used to the idea of satellite communications by […]

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When China Attacks?

It must have been a slow news week last week, because this story gained traction: Space warfare with Russia and China? Pentagon urged to prepare for it. In the story, an unlikely scenario unfolds where China attacks U.S. navigation satellites, the U.S. suddenly becomes helpless, and is at the mercy of the “Red Menace.” My response: […]

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The New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

There are a few connections, believe it or not, between space and New York’s New Year’s Eve Ball Drop. What are those connections you might ask? I ask you just to go to Clearancejobs.com and read this short article with my attempts to explain. Sorry about the delay in writing. I was a bit, um, gone for a […]

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