DIY Space: Build a LEGO NASA Satellite

The stacked “hockey pucks” in the picture above have something in common with the site’s latest HEO lesson.  However, they are also LEGO models you can build.  In this case, the model is of a NASA satellite that hasn’t been launched yet.  The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) spacecraft model shown on NASA’s very own website looks a little […]

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Space Lego

Some fun for you–keeping this post short anyway because I’ve been under the weather the past few days.  Longer, and hopefully, more interesting posts will soon come again. posted this page where you can go vote on your favorite Lego-constructed spaceraft and rovers.  If you do vote, there’s a high chance at least one of […]

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Brickmasters and NASA

Okay, I admit–this is whimsically related–but related nonetheless.  Genius idea, really!  You have space, and you have LEGO, what should you do?  You mash them all together, of course. This Product Design and Development site shows what happens when you do mash them together:  cool ideas and brick models.   Don’t forget to click on […]

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