Texas Space Jobs Increasing?

My latest Clearancejobs.com article about the movement of New Space companies and their jobs to Texas.  Perhaps there’s a career waiting for you with one of these companies?  They all appear to be hiring.  If you’re curious about which companies are making the move, please read:  Texas Space Jobs Increasing.

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She’s Got a Golden Space Ticket!!

Okay, so this is admittedly a nice public relations stunt from XCOR Aerospace.  But for the recipient of this stunt, it’s pretty awesome.  Imagine the scenario:  you’re a typical comic nerd attending the San Diego Comic Con in 2012.  Suddenly, there’s an announcement that certain audience members are eligible for a “golden ticket” for a […]

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DIY Space: Citizens in Space

Are you a citizen scientist with a satellite payload idea?  Then this might be the program for you:  Citizens in Space. Citizens in Space would like you to develop an actual experiment, one in which you’ll be surprised by the outcome, no matter what the outcome is.  They’d like you to keep the payload experiment within […]

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