Google Wants a Piece of Virgin

Another space announcement from Google and Virgin Galactic last week took many folks by surprise.  Google is supposed to be in talks with Virgin Galactic, and supposedly wants to buy a small stake in the sub-orbital flight company.  One telltale sign of the seriousness of the talks is the companies have signed up and registered […]

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From Earth to the Moon?

I am not sure what to make of the video above.  The cannon launcher seems like a bit of a joke, especially in the backyard setting, but it could also work.  And the inventor is asking for money to make it all a reality (see last paragraph of this post for details and link). It’s […]

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Minotaur escapes the maze

Last Tuesday night, Orbital launched a Minotaur rocket with 29 cubesats aboard.  It seems everything went well.  But perhaps just showing different pictures of the Minotaur’s ascent will be of interest to you–images like the one above?  So here you go–the Washington Post has them all nice and posted for you. This launch is also […]

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Chinese Operationally Responsive Space

A few days ago, I published this article regarding China’s fascination with and possible forays into the world of stealth satellites.  And there’s really no reason for satellites to be stealthy other than for military reasons.  If you’ll also remember, I repeated the “Want China Times” article‘s description of China’s progression in “quick replenishment” launch […]

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