Why Space Matters: GEO Satellite operations, Part 6–Eclipse

All that you touch, all that you see… Yep, you guessed it!  We’re going to talk about another issue common to geostationary (GEO) satellites:  the eclipse.  This issue is almost opposite from the problem discussed in Part 5 of the GEO lesson series.  Instead of being overpowered by the sun’s energy, the satellite can’t function […]

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Chinese grappling satellites?

I do hate posts like Gizmodo’s, asserting something that when you drill down, may or may not be true.  You just can’t tell.  But I guess that’s what link bait is:  something to get people to click on, true or not.  And when you drill down to the Washington Free Beacon post, it’s certainly not clear […]

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The mini Death Star and its song

Engadget posted a nice, short article about Telstar 1.  It’s not about the song (video of it played here), which was played by the Tornados and quite popular.  Both were launched in the 1960’s, the song named after the satellite.  Telstar 1 looked quite a bit like a space station from a certain popular sci-fi […]

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50 Kilometers above the moon

So tomorrow evening NASA is hoping to get this satellite launched out of Wallops Island, Virginia.  Orbital Sciences is launching the satellite payload on top of a converted Peacekeeper ICBM (InterContinental Ballistic Missile), now called a Minotaur V.  According to NASA’s mission statement, they would like to have the satellite orbiting the moon in a few […]

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