Deadly Bubbles of Plasma

Business Insider posted an interesting article last Friday about plasma bubbles and how they affect communications between satellites and devices on Earth.  The post suggests that ionospheric plasma bubbles seem to occur primarily around the Earth’s equator.  The article also gives a short description of what a plasma bubble is–the rising of a low-density plasma through […]

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Geckos–A Love Tragedy In Space

There’ve been a couple of posts on this site about the Russian scientists’ peculiar space mission involving geckos and flies.  What first looked like a doomed mission became a satellite of hope for the geckos, as the Russian team regained control of the satellite in which the geckos where orbiting. Alas, the gecko love story […]

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Rockzip’s Inflated Dreams

Rockzip Highballoon’s mission “is to improve life on Earth by giving people a new angle from which to solve difficult problems.”  How are they proposing to do give people that new angle?  By simply launching a “highballoon” about 75,000 ft or a little over 14 miles high.  That’s right, this isn’t about satellites, but about balloons that might do […]

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Geckos of the Lost Ark

Ruh-row! According to this MSN news post, a Russian satellite containing some mushrooms, lizards and flies might come back to Earth in a hard, fiery, non-survivable way.  The lizards are geckos and the flies are the California favorite:  fruit flies.  The mushrooms are just mushrooms.  All of the creatures are probably oblivious to the unexpected end […]

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