June 8, 2018: Weekly Spatial Resolutions

What is “Too little, Too late” for $100, Alex? Some Russians think a reusable rocket may be useful. It’s true! It’s in this article: Russia’s advanced technology fund says it will begin testing a reusable rocket to rival SpaceX by 2020. Or maybe not: Russia may lack the funds to compete with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 […]

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The mini Death Star and its song

Engadget posted a nice, short article about Telstar 1.  It’s not about the song (video of it played here), which was played by the Tornados and quite popular.  Both were launched in the 1960’s, the song named after the satellite.  Telstar 1 looked quite a bit like a space station from a certain popular sci-fi […]

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Brickmasters and NASA

Okay, I admit–this is whimsically related–but related nonetheless.  Genius idea, really!  You have space, and you have LEGO, what should you do?  You mash them all together, of course. This Product Design and Development site shows what happens when you do mash them together:  cool ideas and brick models.   Don’t forget to click on […]

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Okay, okay…this article’s idea has been floating around for a few decades.  Given, that in my imaging operations posts we’ve only talked about low earth orbiting (LEO) satellites, and imagery ones at that, there are a few issues with this that you might be acquainted with. But the premise is right.  You could set a […]

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