February 8, 2019: Weekly Spatial Resolutions

Kepler’s Final Image Reveals A Galaxy Full Of Possibilities The old planet-hunting satellite has been retired for a few months, but the imagery it collected remains for scientists and researchers to dig through. The last image the satellite took is posted on the site in the link above. It helped people discover a few more […]

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The Future of Satellite Maintenance?

Prepare to be blown away.  The absolute coolness of the video below, if we were using Top Gear’s “Cool Wall,” would put it beyond “Sub-Zero” to “Absolute Zero.” The video doesn’t really say anything about satellites, so you might be wondering, “Why is this video on this blog?”  Here’s my answer:  what you’re seeing is possibly the […]

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Okay, okay…this article’s idea has been floating around for a few decades.  Given, that in my imaging operations posts we’ve only talked about low earth orbiting (LEO) satellites, and imagery ones at that, there are a few issues with this that you might be acquainted with. But the premise is right.  You could set a […]

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