Extreme close-up–from space (Cassini, to be precise)!!

According to this Weather Underground article, NASA/JPL just put this collage together:

Click to see (and embiggen it while there):  Shiny, happy people waving hands

40,000 people in 1,400 pictures!  Don’t ask about where our responsible government space agency found the time and money, as the US is still struggling to keep NASA relevant and employed.  Maybe this is a “Hearts and Minds” thing?

But I guess it makes the news, and I posted it (so maybe I’m part of the problem).  The Cassini Orbiter is at least interesting, and a monumental step in what it did (and is still doing).  It’s been going strong since 1997.

And of course, those pictures weren’t taken from Cassini.  Just regular, terrestrial cameras owned by regular, happy folks.

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