Now the Russians are worried about Chinese “Terminator” satellites

I just caught this on Twitter from @prchovanec.  It seems the Russians think the Chinese satellite I mentioned in this aside could pose a problem for them, too.  The twittered article mentions a few other sources, such as Bob Christy, for their suppositions too, but I urge you to read it.

We all were made aware of the problems created by destroying satellites orbiting the Earth when the Chinese unilaterally (and without notification) decided to do this in 2007.  Not just political, ramifications, but physical, too.  So a question needs to be asked:  Are the Chinese not worried about the problem of increasing debris in orbit?  And if they aren’t, have they figured out a way that it won’t affect their interests in space (or maybe on the ground)?  Or is there something else going on?  I really don’t know.

We haven’t seen coverage one what the Indians are thinking about this, but the Chinese may be responding to the increase in Indian space activities, too.  They have a history.

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