You’re crying? There’s no crying in space(ball):-)!

This article highlights, I won’t say a complaint, but more of a resigned kind of knowledge for space operators everywhere:  our stuff is invisible to everyone because–space, and it works so well that it needs little attention from the public, so, no one really appreciates our work.

So the following is opinion and you may take it for what that might be worth to you.

That’s just the nature of the business.  Especially for those of us who have worked in military space, where a person WILL NOT say anything about work.   The article implies about going in the opposite direction the US space industry is going:  more government investment, “create a single European telecommunications market” (whatever that means), and just commiserate on the delivery of “real social benefits.”

This sort of thing comes across as little needy to me.  I’ve never been to Satellite Day (it’d be great to have one here), and it’s odd to me that it’s held in Brussels, Belgium, a city well-known for innovation in space (roll eyes).  But there are real issues that need to be discussed (the cosmic debris issue is mentioned towards the end).  There should be talk about how other nations, such as China, are affecting operations.  And hopefully, if you’re doing everything right, and people want your product, you’ll get funding, and maybe some praise.

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