Hostile hostels, hotels and Chinese satellites

This is a weird article, and I’m trying to figure out if part of the reason for the weirdness is if it’s a language thing.  But according to the article, Chinese  military analysts think China needs stealth satellites.  And there’s really no good reason for stealth satellites other than military purposes.  The article states the reason for stealth satellites is to “evade enemy attacks.”

Plus, they want the stealth satellites to be part of a quick replenishment system.  So that means these satellites are intended to be launched within a day to temporarily replace other satellites “compromised by US anti-satellite weapons or other potential enemies.”  They compare stealth satellites and regular satellites by comparing the differences between hostels and hotels.  It’s always interesting to hear how different countries think.

Aside from Burnt Frost, a demonstration of the Missile Defense Agency’s Aegis system to shoot down a non-functioning US satellite in 2008, there haven’t been any anti-satellite weapons the US has tested since then (that I’ve seen in the news).  But, the United States isn’t making things better or easier by enforcing this banning of Chinese researchers from NASA facilities, signed into law in March of this year by our dear president.  I guess we have enough money in the budget to do that.  The justification is to reduce the threat of espionage.

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