Missile cloud in space

It must be interesting to be an International Space Station astronaut for all sorts of reasons, but one of the more intriguing ones, I’m sure, is being able to see all the activities going on below.  So this article on Universe Today’s site points out a very rare photo-op one of the astronauts took advantage of yesterday.  And of course one of the other astronauts posted the picture on Twitter, here–pretty amazing in its own right.

The Russians, like the Americans,  tests missiles to make sure the things are working as they should.  According to the article, there was one launched out of Kapustin Yar, Russia, on 10 Oct 2013.  It was conducted by the country’s Strategic Rocket Forces which are Russia’s version of Air Force Global Strike Command.  I don’t think the Russians anticipated space station astronauts seeing the resulting clouds in space.

Imagine being an astronaut and just seeing the entire launch sequence, not just the cloud.  Then thinking “I gotta Instagram this!”

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