The legal considerations of stopping extinction events from space

So, let's review the action ite....
So, let’s review the action ite….(image from the Italian website Resources, Economy, and Environment)

Um, yeah.  A committee.  That’s just great.  Another committee, but this one is different, right?  It’s a committee to “SAVE THE WORLD” (can I hear me some KUMBAYA brothers and sisters?).  It’s a United Nations committee.  So now we’re all going to be a lot safer, okay?  No–really–wait, where are you going?  Why are you laughing?

In real life, I think a normal human hates sitting on committees, listening to committees, reading committee minutes, etc.  It’s why there are so many dysfunctionals in politics.  They’re drunk, asleep, both, or just unbalanced enough to believe the committees they’re sitting on work (why else would they be there?).  So why do I bring this particular committee up?  Well, a gentleman from the website “The Conversation” has posted some really good points about why this particular, world-saving committee might be a great idea.

It’s a decent length post, with some thoughts on why a committee dealing with the legal considerations of stopping an asteroid or minimizing the effects of an asteroid impact is necessary.  Good points, such as, once a threatening asteroid is identified, how does Earth deal with it?  If there’s some collateral damage against other nations that’s the result of one nation going it alone, is that war, or is it a suit?  Apparently, the “Bruce Willis Alternative” isn’t acceptable, just because it is based on the dumb fact the science in it stank–and it was only a movie anyway.  Hence, committee.

It’s something to think about, but I’m not buying the idea just yet–if only because I’m viscerally opposed to another meeting occurring on this planet.

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