SpaceX Merlin Rocket Engine LiveScribe Love

I decided give you all a little hint about the next post I’m working on.  This old LiveScribe, um, video(??) is narrated by Tom Mueller, SpaceX’s Vice President of Propulsion Development.  What that position typically means is he’s in charge of a lot people who know how to build rocket engines and motors, how to improve them, and probably are full of innovative ideas.  And Mr. Mueller might know a thing or two about rocket engines and motors, too, since he worked for TRW before working at SpaceX.  At least he sounds like he does in the LiveScribe presentation he narrated in 2009 (although I found this through a link posted in 2013–yeah, I didn’t know that existed either).

If you’re interested in the very basics of how a rocket engine, like the ones used to push the Falcon up into space, works, then this nearly five minute video might just be your cup of tea.  For those who already know how these things function, a refresher still might not be a bad idea.

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