You can sit in a chair at home and help the Philippines

At least you can help find the interesting things with this website:  Tomnod.  Right now, Tomnod has images of the Philippines and other super typhoon affected countries, from DigitalGlobe’s imagery collections that were taken from their satellites’ payload as they happened to zoom overhead.  Tomnod’s is an old idea applied to imagery:  crowdsourcing.  Let people around the world find “interesting” sites in the DigitalGlobe pictures Tomnod has posted on their site.  Perhaps the whole idea is the same as the one of the blind squirrel eventually finding a nut in the forest?

So, go, do some good.  Find something interesting at Tomnod–the details of what they are looking for are on the website.  One annoyance–it looks like you must sign in to help (sigh–I hate metrics).

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