You can pick DigitalGlobe’s top 5 of 20 images

Occasionally the Huffington Post will post something interesting, like this series of pictures they’re grabbing from DigitalGlobe’s Getty Images page.  So, if you don’t have or desire a Facebook or Getty Image account, thank Huffington Post, and look at some great pictures of things on Earth’s surface taken from DigitalGlobe’s polar Low Earth Orbiting satellites.

But if you do have a Facebook account, go there, enjoy the pictures, and “like” a favorite, if you have one.  In fact, “like” five of them.  This is one of the reasons DigitalGlobe is posting them–the pictures with most “likes” will be the top DG images of 2013.  They’re giving you the power!!  You have until Dec. 16, 2013, then the imagery polls close.  It’s one of those things you might forget to do if you put it off, this being a busy season and all, so “like” a few!

Example of one of the images embedded below (click to get to Facebook and vote):

The Citadel, Aleppo–DG’s Facebook page

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