Space Image Keeps Loch Ness Myth Alive

Image from Click on the image to go to the site.

In a weird, but probably inevitable and predictable use of satellite imagery, someone thinks a few satellite images “prove” the Loch Ness Monster is lurking below the lake’s waves.  The post to which the above image is linked, is at least trying to make that connection.  But, it might take a true imagery analyst to figure out what is going on.  Of course, this would take the fun out of all the speculation.  And besides, it would puncture the HUGE tourism exploitation factor for the region.

It’s also weird the image is showing up on “some” iPhones and iPads, but not all of them.  I don’t think the servers are showing different satellite images to different devices.  Maybe this is one of the weird Apple map quirks raising it’s ugly head again?  I guess overall, if there’s a positive, then maybe, just maybe, something is swimming around under the lake there.  It might behoove the Scots to put a few drones over the lake, 24/7.  It’s fairly inexpensive, and they would get better resolution pictures.

And that’s the thing about the whole Loch Ness monster story:  it’s always relied on bad, low resolution, pictures to convince people a monster is lurking under the water.  Even this latest picture relies on the relatively low resolution of satellite images to keep the story going.  Why not actually use some inexpensive but high resolution tech to take really good pictures, right?


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