DIY Space: Rebrick’s LEGO Friends in Space

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Okay, so this isn’t building a “real” space craft, but it involves LEGOs and it involves the idea of space.  Rebrick would like fans and owners of LEGO Friends, the very, uh, young and feminine (?), version of the LEGO franchise, to build something spacey.  Then those same fans should upload pictures of their creations, to be judged on just how spacey and LEGO Friend-ly they are.

Oddly, the true fans of LEGO Friends are left out of this contest.  The contest is only open to LEGO Friends fans who are 16 year old and older.  This decision is puzzling for the reason already given above, and the fact that younger children tend to embrace their imaginations more.  Also, if there are 16 year olds building with LEGO Friends, maybe they need to be doing something with REAL Friends (TM).

Still, LEGO Friends fans who meet that age criteria and are still interested in building a space creation with their LEGO Friends kits, can go to Rebrick’s site to learn more about this contest.  More details about the contest are here, too.  August 8, 2014 will be the last day to submit those photographs of LEGO Friends in Space.

Grand prize winners will win quite a few LEGO Friends Jungle kits.  Those kits should be from the entire first line-up of the Jungle series.  Which makes total sense, because this is a contest for building SPACE creations.

But, if you like LEGO Friends, and you like space, this might be your chance to win those jungle kits.  Maybe using the LEGO Star Wars kits to do this was too obvious?

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