DIY Space: Build A LEGO ISS

The LEGO ISS. Image from the LEGO Ideas site.

Okay, okay!  Really this is about voting for the ability to build the International Space Station out of LEGOs.  Found on the LEGO Ideas website, this particular LEGO model of the ISS stands out because of the details the designer, XCLD, put into it.  There are over 1000 LEGO pieces that have gone into the design and it looks pretty neat.

The thing is, if you like the idea of an ISS kit like this one, then it would be good for you to go vote on it, which you can do on the linked site provided.  Maybe your vote will be the one that pushes LEGO over the edge so that this kit goes from concept to reality.

The model will also include solar panels and Progress/Soyuz capsules.  There is no evidence of any SpaceX Dragon or Orbital Cygnus capsules included with the kit, so some Americans might be disappointed. No word on pricing, but LEGO kits with 1000+ pieces tend to approach the $100 price point.

Also, as a reminder since CollectSpace brought this oldie but goodie up again.  Remember the LEGO Hubble Telescope model I wrote about a while ago?  As you can see from the image below, it looks quite nifty.  Well, that’s still up for voting too.  If you would like to give that model a chance at going into production, then a vote from you might also help.  Go to this page to vote on it.

Image from LEGO Ideas website.

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