Has it really been a year?


For the readers and site subscribers, this is kind of space-related.  But only because I’m the one who is writing for this site.  It’s really a celebration!!


It’s because I’ve written a lot of stories, almost every day, for a year!  That’s right!!  I started themadspaceball.com and my writing on the site a year ago.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure where it was going to lead.  I still don’t, although I think I have a better picture of what I’m doing with the site now (after 325 posts, I guess I should).  I do know that my writing has improved.  I’ve probably written more in the last year than I did any time before–even when I worked on my Communications degree at the University of Washington.

So–a very big THANK YOU!!! to themadspaceball.com’s e-mail subscribers.  There are now 120 of you, which means some of you think my writing is interesting enough that you want it cluttering your inbox almost every day.  This, in spite of some disagreements a few of you might have had with what I’ve written.   I truly appreciate you wading through all the drek that sometimes comes from my site.

Also, a THANK YOU to Lindy Kyzer, the editor over at Clearancejobs.com.  She had the courage to take me on as a relative newbie to write for Clearancejobs.com.  It’s been a challenge, I think, for both of us.  We’re finding out that maybe an employment site’s readers might not be so interested in space topics–unless it’s somehow related to the job-hunters perusing the site.  But Lindy’s given me the opportunity to expand my writing in an unexpected direction–job-hunting articles–while still writing space-focused material, too.

Unfortunately, with the great exception of my small contributions to Clearancejobs.com, my unemployed status has not changed after nearly a year and four months.  So, I’ve had a lot of experiences in the job-hunting realm, and if you’re interested in reading about those experiences, then go to Clearancejobs.com, and look up my name, John Holst.

I don’t know what’s next, aside from the fact I’ll keep writing.  It’s something I should’ve done a long time ago, because it’s a creative activity I enjoy doing.  In case you’re wondering, I’m not making money off of this site, so a job, preferably one in which I’m writing, would still be wonderful.  I will also probably be changing up how much I write for themadspaceball.com.  I’ll still try to have something posted almost every day but Sunday.  But I do find myself struggling to find some topics some days, so don’t be alarmed if there are the occasional few days without posts.

That’s it for today, though!  I think I will have a beer to celebrate.  But, thank you again to all of you who read my stories.  I hope to have more for you in the next year, and I hope you’ll still hang around to enjoy them.

4 thoughts on “Has it really been a year?

  1. John, it has been a pleasure to read your posts. I know it is frustrating to be doing “the job hunt boogie” for months on end, and sometimes it seems like no one is paying attention.

    For me at least, your words, information and insight into all things space-related indicates that there are still some of us out here who really care about the field, and want to know more about it. ‘Tis a pity that more people don’t want to know more, but that is what makes us “rocket scientists”



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