DIY Space: Spacecraft in A Bedroom

Open the pod bay doors, dad. Image taken by Make and hosted on Makezineblog.

Wow!  Sometimes it’s good to be a kid.  Especially the kid of a father who designs AND BUILDS a spacecraft to sleep and play in.  This Make article shows the amount of detail and time a crafty father put into building a spacecraft in his son’s bedroom.

There are communications, sound effects, lights, and switches.  The spacecraft itself looks like a flattened capsule.  There’s even a pneumatic tube system running between rooms!  The father used Raspberry Pi and Arduinos to help as controllers and sound effects sequencers.  There’s also a payload bay for the child to remotely control a robotic arm to send off and get payloads.

I can hear it now:  “Open the pod bay doors, dad.”  “I’m sorry son, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”  I look at this project and think about how this might spark a child’s imagination to become a space explorer.  It’s a very cool project and if you have the skill and a child interested in space, it might be a fun build.  Just go to the Make website to see exactly what was done.

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