DIY Space: Do You Have Room in Your Life for PocketSpacecraft?

First Earth, then the moon, and finally, the Universe! Are you thinking what I’m thinking Pinky? Image from

“If at first you don’t succeed…”–this is the spirit that is guiding the people conducting the activities at  They originally tried to get their “Mission to the Moon” project funded last year with Kickstarter, but didn’t get the funding level required there. The Mission to the Moon would’ve given lots of people the opportunity to send their very own spacecraft to the moon.  Exciting, right? Except that the money didn’t come in. Such a situation might have discouraged a few people.  And yet, here they are at PocketSpacecraft, still attempting to get more people to become crazy about space operations.

One of the lessons a person learns early in life is that while failures are unpleasant, the way someone reacts to that failure says a lot about the character and ethic driving that person. Instead of taking the easy way out by throwing up hands and walking away, huddling in the corner to cry, or just throwing a tantrum and then just sitting there blaming everyone else, there’s a lot to be said for that anguished shout, that hysterical laugh, or that resigned shrug which is then followed by tenaciously trying to keep a project and people moving towards success.

The latter seems to be the defining characteristic of the people behind  Not only are they carrying on their mission as if nothing kicked them in the guts with Kickstarter, they’re still pursuing the Mission to the Moon, and they’d like your help, moneywise. There are all sorts of funding levels they’ve listed on their site, here (near the bottom of the page). But the fun really begins at the 99 GBP (Pounds Sterling) funding level, where an “Earth Scout” spacecraft is launched into the Earth’s orbit, then attempts to land back on Earth.

The highest level of 5000 GBP is no longer available, but for a mere 1 GBP less, you could gain the title of “Rocket Scientist” with all the perks that entails.  Those would be delivered sometime in December 2014. Of course, an interested individual can start for as little as 9 GBP.  But you won’t get your very own spacecraft.  Any old how, at worst, you’ll just have “a universe” of fun.

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