Here’s a bit about Apollo

I do write for other sites/organizations. In this instance I’m sharing one of the Apollo 50th anniversary moments. Of course, the 50th of Apollo 11’s launch is a few years down the road still, but Gemini (also in the video above), the “bridge” program between NASA’s Mercury and Apollo programs, was very interesting and active 50 years ago.

NASA was using Gemini to answer some very important questions, and learn some very important lessons to apply to Apollo. Since Gemini 2 happened a little over 50 years ago, I focused on that. Here’s that very short story in, Steps to Apollo, Two-by-Two.

By the way, if you’re interested in reading about some of the Space Foundation’s activities going on, you can always subscribe to the Space Foundation’s Space Watch. Who knows–you might even see some more of my writing there (although I am primarily a researcher for them–so you’ll see evidence of my writing, research, and editing in the upcoming The Space Report).

But I still like writing here…

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