Another Apollo moment from Space Watch

Wow–apologies for how this looks. The resulting format is because I’m being forced to use’s “New” editor. Because they automatically re-direct me to the new page, I can’t even see the layout as I type. I have about four lines that I can see in their provided text editing box. The user experience isn’t great, and unfortunately, the reader experience might not be either. So please bear with me as I figure out the “improvements.” Or until they give me a way to do this in a more useful manner.

In case you weren’t aware, I was busy with a little thing called the 31st Space Symposium last week. We kicked it all off with Yuri’s Night on Sunday (12 April) and didn’t stop until we unloaded the trucks and dispersed our gear last Friday. Now everyone is recovering before we go-go-go.

That’s just a long-winded way of saying I’ve been busy. But the Space Foundation still puts out its monthly “Space Watch” and I wrote the latest “Apollo 50th Moment” post for them. So, here it is: Apollo’s Engine Still Powers On.

By the way–everything was fun, but Yuri’s Night in particular was great–we had someone playing a theremin in the lobby. What! You don’t know what a theremin is. Well, here’s some video for you with a

Thursday--snow at the Broadmoor, where the Space Symposium was ending that day.
Thursday–snow at the Broadmoor, where the Space Symposium was ending that day.

, uh, “thereminist?”

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