The Mission Readiness Review–Episode 9: It’s red-tape, eh?

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On this podcast, we talk about:

The Great Red-taped North

Rocket reusability, this time from India.

And,Bangabandhu-1 is a friend of Bengal.

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India in space

Two men scamming potential investors with “space suits”

Let’s talk a little about that

India is very much interested in space

One launch service provider–ISRO, but Antrix is their commercial interface

ISRO is everything space to India

  • They’ve had a few issues
  • They also have finished the first phase of NavIC
  • Are talking about making reusable rockets

See themselves in competition with SpaceX, not NASA or ULA

Ground systems in Canada

Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) from Norway.

Ground systems are critical for satellites, normally the most expensive part of satellite operations

KSAT and Planet waiting for the Canadian government

  • Waiting on license to operate an antenna for over two years (since 2016)
  • Location is important because KSAT can access many satellites in this area
  • Canadian government says the ground stations must be licensed under its Remote Sensing Space Systems Act
  • Like in U.S., the act is old and is very restrictive

Planet is considering pulling its ground station because of the long delay

UK might build its own GPS-type constellation?

Brexit has UK considering whether it might build its own GPS constellation


  • the Europeans have been very cautious or vindictive with Galileo
    • They removed a backup ground station for Galileo from UK
    • Might also not allow data from Galileo into UK hands

Europeans have also been slow and over budget

UK thinks Galileo is a great example of how not to run a program

Question is: Why not?

  • They might build it cheaper, and on time
  • The UK is trying to build up its own small satellite launch vehicle market anyway
  • This might be a good opportunity.

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How not to build Galileo:

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