The Mission Readiness Review Episode 14: Looking for launch in all the wrong places

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On today’s show:

  • Seattle weather drives away space engineers
  • Rocket Lab still hasn’t launched its commercial Electron rocket.
  • Zimbabwe gets into the space business!

You can find the latest podcast in the link below:

Rocket Lab is looking for another launch pad in US

Rocket Lab, the company that has a launch pad in New Zealand is looking at Florida, California, Virginia, and Alaska for a launch site

Confusing, since Rocket Lab chose NZ for a few reasons

  • Not many schedule conflicts
  • Air traffic is paltry (compared with LA or Orlando)
  • Primarily launching to polar or sun-synchronous orbit
  • Probably….costs

The only one meeting those criteria of the four choices is Alaska

Unless…Rocket Lab is expanding or changing the company’s stated mission

ZiNGSA–ZImbabwe’s new space agency

Development minister has stated technology for space operations (for satellites) is cheaper

  • Thinks the country can build using this technology
  • Also thinks this kind of activity might attract more educated-but-abroad Zimbabweans

Just shows how cubesats are embraced by poorer nations to help themselves to space

Shocker…some people don’t like weather in the Pacific Northwest

Article about how some engineers who moved to Seattle to work for companies like BO

  • Weather not so great
  • Traffic not so great (it’s always been fairly bad)
  • Cost of living getting too much

I’m surprised that Blue Origin and other space companies seem unable to keep up salary-wise

Space Force!

First, there’s a comic called “Trump’s Space Force”

  • It features “The Donald” as a hero, flying around in armor, shooting bad guys
  • Also shows some action figures

Next–up: Can anyone really define what a U.S. Space Force is?

Intro background music POD Dreams by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Debbizo, Michael Bacich.

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Long March 2C launch:

Long March 3A launch:

Soyuz launch:

Rocket Lab looking for launch:


Seattle space engineers:

Trump Space Force:

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