The Mission Readiness Review Episode 15: Alexa, have FEDOR assassinate John Connor

SpaceBees and Russian Space Robots–things are getting interesting!! This site contains my opinions and ideas only, not the opinions or ideas of any organization I work for. It’s my idea playground, and I’m inviting you in. Welcome!

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Russian Robots May Replace Cosmonaut Crews one day
  • The pressure is on for Swarm Technologies
  • And, a California startup finally launches, but it’s a secret

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A Launch from Alaska Stays Under Wraps

From SpaceNews:

Astra Space carried out a launch on July 20 from the Pacific Spaceport Complex in Alaska

  • Astra Space is a California company
  • Launch was apparently suborbital
  • The rocket is able to place 100 kilograms of payload into low Earth orbit (assuming Polar)
  • Confusing statements coming from the FAA and Astra Space about the mission’s success

The Spacebees might get permission to talk

From IEEE Spectrum:

Swarm Technologies would like to get satellite health information of its SpaceBee satellites

  • But to do so, it needs permission from the FCC
  • No comment from the FCC
  • Swarm Technologies is making its problem everyone else’s, including the FCC’s, using terms like urgently

More from Geekwire:

Spaceflight Industries

  • The company who took the SpaceBees from swarm and integrated them into a deployer, and then to an Indian rocket
  • Result from Swarm’s small missteps: SpaceFlight has developed a set of policies to make ensure U.S. customers have FCC approval prior to launch

New U.S. satellite companies are in a bind

  • They need FCC permission to operate
  • Because they are new, they don’t have much money
  • quick decisions by the FCC would help them
  • But the FCC doesn’t move fast…certainly not for companies just starting up

Answering the Question of “What could possibly go wrong?” –Space Robots

From engadget:

Roscosmos, the Russian federal space agency gave tentative approval to send robots instead of humans on ISS crew flights

  • Called FEDOR–Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research
  • A few years ago, a Russian also noted these robots could handle and shoot weapons, such as guns
  • The Russians have denied these FEDOR are Terminators

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Falcon 9 Iridium launch:

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1 launch:

SpaceBee Permission:

Spaceflight Industries policy change:

Russian Space Robots: 

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