January 18, 2019: Weekly Spatial Resolutions

Space Force is ripe for this sort of thing. This site contains my opinions and ideas only, not the opinions or ideas of any organization I work for. It’s my idea playground, and I’m inviting you in. Welcome! Image from Gawker

Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ brings Steve Carell back to TV ‘Office’ comedy

Space Command naturally lends itself to this kind of satire. A lot of space operations require sitting at a desk with a few monitors around it (there are lots of reasons the Air Force is enviously called “Chair Force” by other services–these kind of jobs are one reason). For those in charge, this means that said desk sits about a foot higher than the multi-monitored desks of the crew on the operations floor. Occasionally, they move a mouse.

The view from a foot above isn’t very inspiring and all the multiple floor levels do is just create tripping hazards for those who dare to move from their desks. Especially since many of these environments are darker than your average office.

If both the person in charge and crew are very unlucky, occasionally they will have people watching over their shoulders, normally with less operational time than the crew, for evaluation purposes. This evaluation is done to prove everyone is not only awake, but that being awake is also documented. This makes the big people in charge feel in control.

The oldie but goodie, “Shut up and color,” should be cornerstone mockery material in the series. There’s the thing about space operators (missileers specifically) “eating their own.” Don’t even get me started on the whole “checklist discipline” thing. The Space Force will be a “target rich environment” for this sort of satire.

But, will it be funny?

Space company plans satellite launch from Alaska spaceport

Alaska has a spaceport? Also, where is Alaska?

JK guys! But those not monitoring the space industry may not realize Alaska does have a spaceport. Actually, there probably aren’t too many aware that Vandenberg in California launches rockets, so maybe that’s moot.

However, as far as orbital launches conducted in 2018, none were from Alaska. Zilch. I know the folks in Alaska would like that to change. Maybe they do this in baby steps.

A Russian startup wants to launch tiny satellites into low-Earth orbit that’ll illuminate advertisements in the night sky

Is this because advertisers figured out we don’t see banner ads?

This is a very good example of just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.

Pentagon Missile Defense Review looks at new space technologies

Question: shouldn’t the Space Force be doing this? I mean, look, we are talking about consolidating space operations under the Space Force. Wouldn’t it make sense to actually have the space operators figure this out, rather than the Missile Defense Agency? And I don’t mean involve the Space Force as “stakeholders” or “liaisons” but rather as a proprietor.

The only reason MDA became involved with space in the first place was because the USAF couldn’t fund the Space Based Infrared System Low satellites (known today as STSS-D). MDA could–at least for a little while. But a brand-spankin’ new Space Force should be able to afford this if money is put where the mouth is. Wouldn’t that make sense?

Secret Space Program Whistleblowers Claim We Have Technology 1000 Years Ahead of Anything You See

Um, okay. People can choose to believe many things.

I, for one, believe that the number 1000 is conveniently large and round, to put it in Dogbert terms. How does one determine that technology, especially some of humanity’s, is 1000 years ahead?

I debate internally about pointing out this kind of story. But I figure it’s worth bringing this sort of thing into the light now and then, not because I believe in it (I don’t), but because you can’t really fight against it. Logic is not a tool you can use to refute this kind of thing because you can see there’s a certain kind of logic at work in the presentation in the article.

These kind of stories just take hold of people, and once it does, there’s no argument you could use to talk them back from the edge. It seems very much like operating system corruption–a meme virus that certain types of people have no immunity against.

Or maybe I’m just missing something.

space cat GIF
This seems more likely. Definitely cuter. Image from Giphy.

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