Two Past Visions of the Future

Two things this week made me think about the how people in the past looked at the future, particularly regarding space exploration. The first was a movie, and the second was an article on’s site about certain space LEGO kits from the past. The movie, Forbidden Planet, is one of my favorite movies. It […]

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The Soft Landing?!

Below is just a fun little clip one of the people I work with shared. As much fun as the gentleman narrating the clip is having at the expense of Soyuz (it’s all tongue in cheek), we really need to remember one thing: it’s the only way we can get people up to the ISS and back […]

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Real Space Coffee From ISSpresso

This is definitely a culinary switch from yesterday’s post regarding the Chinese attempts at making mealworms palatable.  There’s only one nation that produces brutally beautiful machines such as the Ducati Diavel and the Ferrari Berlinetta F12.  One nation with fashion from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace.  One nation that gave us delicious and wonderful sounding […]

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DIY Space: More NASA Space Kits

NASA and the website are working together to get an actual working “space kit” out to the public.  The kit, which costs $189, can be used to build all sorts of projects (at least 10, according to the website). Do you want to build an International Space Station replica?  This kit will help you do […]

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