DIY Space: More NASA Space Kits

DIY Space Station

NASA and the website are working together to get an actual working “space kit” out to the public.  The kit, which costs $189, can be used to build all sorts of projects (at least 10, according to the website).

Do you want to build an International Space Station replica?  This kit will help you do that.  What about a “grappler?”  Yup, there’s an actual video (below) showing the kit in action as a grappling arm.

Or maybe a Mars rover?  This kit is for that.

Not only are there quite a few projects, there are also lessons for learning about Low Earth Orbiting satellites, satellite dishes, inverse square, and a few other topics.  I wouldn’t say the lessons are for fourth graders and below, but maybe just really curious people above those ages generally.

There are more videos, lessons, and, of course, the kit on Littlebits website.


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