Rain from SpaceLight

There are smarties out there who knew about this kind of thing already, but I never professed to be a smartie.  And the information in this Motherboard post is quite fascinating.  There is not just one, but TWO proposals for using lasers on satellites to help “adjust” the Earth’s climate.  Captain Planet would be very […]

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Intercepting a Comet

“[T]he sexiest, most fantastic mission ever,” those are the words of an obviously very sexually confused European Space Agency scientist about the Rosetta satellite’s interception and orbiting of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.  The quote comes from Gizmodo’s post about the current successes of the Rosetta satellite exploration mission. And while the scientist might be sexually confused, thankfully […]

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The Ship Who Sang

There are those readers out there who will get the Anne McCaffrey reference–the rest should eventually take time to read that fun book.  Unlike the book’s protagonist, a ship with a living brain that eventually sings, this post is about a satellite named Ulises 1 that will “sing” to the people of Earth once it’s in orbit. […]

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Satellite Limitations Searching for MH370

It’s been awhile since there’s been anything said about the mission Malaysian MH370 passenger jet,  That’s good, because maybe it allows investigators to investigate.  It’s potentially bad if the entire investigation has been dropped (doesn’t appear to be the case though–read about that, here). It appears that Space Safety Magazine has remembered the missing airliner […]

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