New Space Satellites and Data

Another of my posts.  This time it’s a bit about the opportunity for “New Space” companies to not only produce data, but also build up a robust infrastructure to shunt it around.  It might be an opportunity that will grow.  Read it here:  The New Space Data Challenge–An Opportunity for Growth?

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Texas Space Jobs Increasing?

My latest article about the movement of New Space companies and their jobs to Texas.  Perhaps there’s a career waiting for you with one of these companies?  They all appear to be hiring.  If you’re curious about which companies are making the move, please read:  Texas Space Jobs Increasing.

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Some Changes Coming

Hi!  If you’re reading this, thank you!  That means you deliberately chose to read my posts, and that takes some time.  So I’m writing this to tell you there will be changes to the number of posts on this site every week.  Why? Well, that’s the good news–at least for me.  After one year and […]

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When I’m Not Writing…

This post I’ve written for isn’t space-related, except for the fact it’s to do with me.  But it gives a decent accounting of what I do to stay happy and busy since I don’t have steady work currently.  If you’re interested in how an unemployed person stays busy throughout the day, please read my […]

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