NASA Earth Image pictures

Wired just posted these pictures to their site.  These are apparently from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) satellites and International Space Station astronauts.  So you can see images like the one below: Unlike the DigitalGlobe ones, you can only look at these pictures, not vote on which one you like.  But they’re interesting […]

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Anime, weddings, JAXA, NASA, and weather satellites

I just saw a video (below) on one of my favorite sites, Rocketnews24.  The site has a great posting regarding this anime video JAXA (the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency) and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) apparently put together narrating the launch of one of their weather satellite missions, GPM (Global Precipitation Measurement).  Sounds boring, […]

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When unemployed–blog!

Okay, so my company was told to cut our contract because the government was concerned about budget.  So, here I am as part of that cut, looking for work, cutting junipers, riding the motorcycle, and just trying to stay busy. But I do think there are some important things going on in space, which is […]

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