When unemployed–blog!

Okay, so my company was told to cut our contract because the government was concerned about budget.  So, here I am as part of that cut, looking for work, cutting junipers, riding the motorcycle, and just trying to stay busy.

But I do think there are some important things going on in space, which is what I did (and want to continue to do).  In fact, there’s a lot going on, but people don’t know what to think and where to look.  Part of it is the assumption is because it’s rocket-science, it’s hard to understand.  But it really isn’t.

This is my experiment to help the public, at least the very small portion that’s interested, understand how certain space-related things work.

Please pardon my dust, as this will be a work in progress…

Now, on to why space matters!!

One thought on “When unemployed–blog!

  1. John, we are kindred spirits. Many years in space-related activities, now searching (and searching and searching) for that elusive next position. Good luck to us both!


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