SPHERE Fishing for Space Debris

The International Space Station (ISS) sure could use some help, and eventually might get it if people buy off on this latest idea.  If you weren’t aware, the ISS has three robot test satellites aboard, called SPHERES.  SPHERES have been highlighted on this site before for a different project, so here’s what they’re used for just in […]

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DIY Space: Build A LEGO ISS

Okay, okay!  Really this is about voting for the ability to build the International Space Station out of LEGOs.  Found on the LEGO Ideas website, this particular LEGO model of the ISS stands out because of the details the designer, XCLD, put into it.  There are over 1000 LEGO pieces that have gone into the design […]

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DIY Space: Print in Spaaaace–In 3-D

Imagine designing the most ingenious piece of 3-D printed goodness, and then having it printed–IN SPACE!  If you’re an American child in one of the grades from K through 12, you might be able to make that happen.  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Foundation are creating a […]

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See What ISS Astronauts See

Have you ever wanted to see what the astronaut’s see as they’re circling the Earth on the International Space Station (ISS)?  Sure, you might get an idea from Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope, Google Earth, or using the Satellite Tool Kit, but those are probably faint echoes of perspective.  Well, there’s a project might give that perspective of astronauts on […]

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