Russia to China, Over the Moon

Because it’s been a year, I’m taking a little break.  So you’re currently looking at some of the articles about space I’ve written.  I’ll be interspersing these throughout for a little bit (not long).  This particular article was posted on on 6 December, 2013. Interested in a little aerospace history?  With all of […]

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Daily Show Jade Rabbit Commentary

Here’s a little fun for you today.  Jon Stewart talked about China’s Jade Rabbit on 4 February 2014.  For those of you at work, this is definitely NSFW.  But it’s quite funny, and I always wondered about the name Jade Rabbit (yes, yes, i DO understand why the Chinese named it that). Anyway, for your […]

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Jade Rabbit video

For those interested in China’s autonomous lunar rover, the Jade Rabbit (Chang’e 3), I’m sure you’ve seen this video.  But for those who follow this as a kind of “space Kardashian” story, here’s some Jade Rabbit videos: You can see the Jade Rabbit be-boppin’ around on the moon’s surface. Of course, this kind of thing […]

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