Let the mindless hand-wringing begin…

…and they’re off.  As if the nuance of what China was doing with their Jade Rabbit moon rover was a surprise, there are now conversations in mainstream media about who the moon belongs to.   Of course today’s landing of the rover has prompted the topic.  An example of such hand-wringing is the twitter bubble at the end of this Daily Kos post and the Christian Science Monitor’s article.  At least the Christian Science Monitor mentions India as part of this “space race.”  That’s more than what many others seem to have done.

When I posted this post (based on a Chinese Launch Center expert’s quote) in a forum on LinkedIn a week ago, a conversation about this began that’s still going on.  Many postulations about the Outer Space Treaty and how that should be guiding Chinese activities have been thrown about.  There’s been the “those who get there the firstest with the mostest” argument.  And a few others.

The upshot is, there’s still time to formulate a framework which all signatories would find within their interests.  But knowing the media, there’s going to be a lot of “Who Does the Moon belong to stories.”  They’ll buzz around it, then they’ll let it drop the moment another healthcare website, or school shooting anniversary story comes their way.  And because of that, the United States government will focus for a minute, then move on to figuring out which party will win in the elections for the next few years.

At any rate, even if their motivations are suspect, “bravo” China for getting Jade Rabbit to the moon in one peace.  Now, if they could do that other giant leap for mankind and allow their citizens freedom of speech, press, and other such important civil inventions.

Which do you think would be the bigger deal–reaching the moon or revolutions in morality?

2 thoughts on “Let the mindless hand-wringing begin…

  1. Revolutions in morality. Respect for human rights and property rights have been conclusively proven to create human prosperity; once a revolution in morality occurs, the eventual resultant wealth would probably allow us to actually colonize the moon on some sort of economically viable grounds, not as a giant, wealth-draining government project.


    1. There are many things that might happen. Prosperity tends to grow when there is minimal government intrusion into private lives and activities–which the US is going in the opposite direction on. There are quite a few companies working to do this without (much) government money. There may come a day when government is at the margins of main commercial space activity. But that might be a long way off.


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